Joint Heavy Lift (JHL)


• Optimum Speed technology for enhanced performance

• More cruise efficient than existing cargo aircraft

• Affordable to develop, acquire, and operate

• Capable of carrying M2 Bradley and Stryker payloads

• High survivability for future conflicts

• High-speed cruise capability - Mach 0.65+ / 330+ knots

• 45,000 foot cruise ceiling, pressurized cabin

• Flexible high capacity aerial tanker - land or sea based refueling of helicopters, bombers, and loaded fighters

• Hover out of ground effect in high/hot landing zones - at mission weights with one engine inoperative

• 36 ton payload capacity



• Deploy with troops over global distances in 24 hours

• Transport armor over large radii in high/hot conditions

Capable of deploying over global distances in 24 hours




Size and capability comparable to traditional cargo aircraft



• Brigade-sized forces pre-positioned in controlled storage

• Force assembly at sea, land-based troops and JHL mate with armor in seabase; rapidly project forces deep inland

• Affordable seabasing ships with
   - hull & machinery from large commercial vessels
   - range and speed to accompany CVN task force
   - capacity to launch aircraft from 16 or more VTOL spots

Enables Continental US basing of JHL and troops

Significant access improvement and operation flexibility